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5 Ways MBA Programs Help Women In Business

5 Ways MBA Programs Help Women In Business

In recent years, the participation of women in business has increased by two folds. As the number of women pursuing MBA or management courses has increased. But Women hold only 32% of top leadership positions globally, including C-suite and managing director positions. The main reason behind this can be the challenges and obstacles faced by women as compared to the male.

According to a recent global Deloitte survey, 58% of women in hybrid work environments have been excluded from meetings and discussions. Non-inclusive behaviors and microaggressions have been experienced by 59% of women in business. Apart from this, some systemic issues such as the gender pay gap, gender priority, etc. push women down in business.

So, the question arises how can we help women so that they can contribute their best in business?

Here, in this blog, we will discuss some points that will help us in understanding how the MBA program will help women in Business.

Offering Scholarships for women in business

Helping women financially is one of the most important things. Many business schools offer a scholarship to women students who want to do higher studies and have scored well in academics. Some of the scholarships offered for women to complete their management degree are The Nestle Scholarship for women,  Forté Foundation Scholarship, Laidlaw Foundations Scholarship, etc. All these scholarships are tailor-made and help in empowering women so that they can complete their higher education and enter the business world.

Organizing networking events for women in business

Networking is essential for female entrepreneurs. Listening to one another’s stories can help future female leaders advance in their careers. The presence of women across all level of the organization or any institute makes the other women feel safe and motivate them to move ahead.

In colleges, female students interact with female professors and are mostly influenced by their repo in college. The same is the case in the organization too. Having a female boss lets you be more confident and work with good concentration. Networking among women also helps them in getting better opportunities that can take their careers to new heights.

Organizing workshops to address the issues that women in business face

As we all are aware that women face many obstacles and challenges in their personal as well as professional life. At work, they can face an excessive number of difficulties that are frequently caused by misconceptions, prejudices, and stereotypes.

According to a survey of working women, they provided feedback on various aspects of workplace behavior, communication, and other topics. Every woman has faced this misbehavior by male employees. So, there must be workshops included in the curriculum that can educate women on how to handle these challenges and move ahead.

Women organizations or NGOs can organize the workshop to make women aware of their rights and how they can use that if face any type of issue at the workplace. This will empower and motivate women to move ahead in business without any hesitation.

Increasing female representation on campus

Female representation at all levels is required to achieve gender parity in the business landscape.

The same can be said for business schools. If female representation is to become a powerful force, it must extend beyond the student body to the faculty, which includes professors, admissions teams, and career advisors. It is seen in business schools that the number of women seeking admission to the MBA course has increased in the past 5 years. This will result in an increase in the number of women Alumni and set an example for the coming students.

Assist female MBAs in feeling confident about the GMAT.

The GMAT can be a barrier to education for some female MBA candidates who are unsure about their ability to perform well on the exam or about their current test scores.

According to Fortè survey results, approximately 27% of female candidates delayed their MBA plans in 2020 because they needed more time to prepare for the GMAT or GRE. It will be important for recruitment teams reaching out to female MBAs to direct female candidates to GMAT prep tools such as the GMAT Fundamentals Powered by Kaplan course, which teaches core business topics such as statistics, accounting, and finance to those preparing for the GMAT.

The key point to remember is that your messaging for female candidates must be both effective and personalized. Learning more about the motivations of female MBAs for attending business school and gaining access to data via the GMASS platform will enable you to succeed in your outreach efforts and meaningfully target talented female candidates.

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