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Career after MBA: Job Opportunities, Salaries, Top Recruiters

MBA is a lucrative degree, most of the aspirants go for MBA so that they can have good jobs and future prospects. But before opting for the MBA course we must ask why we want to pursue this course. where it will take you in the future? or What is the scope of their career after MBA?

The most common assumption is that an MBA degree will take you to new career heights. But this is not true all the time as some of the aspirants may not land in the right shoe. The reason behind this can be not having a pre-defined goal before the career take off. Therefore before taking admission one must know about the MBA perspectives and their defined goal so that he may not get into Marshy island.

Here, in this blog, we are going to discuss the Career after MBA so that you can get an overview of what you can do after the course completion.

Why choose MBA?

MBA is one of the tops most courses opted for by an individual across the world. But why do you want to pursue MBA? This question must come to your mind before taking a step forward. Below are some reasons that will help you answer the question of why?

  1. MBAs get handsome packages as compared to other professionals.
  2. It helps in the overall development of the candidate in the personal as well as professional fields.
  3. The course enhances the knowledge about the business world.
  4. Helps in creating a good professional network,
  5. Can take you to an international market with knowledge of the international business.
  6. You can become an entrepreneur or start your own business.
  7. Adds a professional degree to your profile and CV.
  8. Helps in getting a promotion to the mid or senior management level.
  9. Includes the qualities such as leadership, decision-making, and strategy formation.

Career opportunities in different specializations

MBA can be pursued in different specializations. Every specialization has its unique requirement. In this section, we will discuss the career opportunities after the MBA in different specializations:

Career after MBA: Finance

Finance is one of the most popular and common specializations for MBA courses. With excellent growth potential in the banking, financial services, and insurance industries, the MBA in Finance is a well-liked MBA specialization. Planning, managing, and controlling the financial assets and resources of any industry are the main objectives of financial management.

Jobs after MBA in Finance:

Some of the jobs opportunities after an MBA in Finance are:

  1. Investment Manager
  2. Accounting
  3. Asset manager
  4. Financial Analyst
  5. Treasurer
  6. Equity analyst
  7. Banking
  8. Insurance

Most companies require a finance manager in their organization to manage the cash and handle it properly. In India, some of the top brands recruiting MBA in Finance are Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, KPGM, Barclays, HDFC, ICICI, National Bank of India, and so on. The average salary for an MBA in finance for the top colleges in India ranges from 10 -15 LPA whereas from a medium college ranges from 5-10 LPA. However, with the advancement in career and promotion, the salary can increase from 30-40 LPA in the mid and senior levels of management.

Career after MBA: Marketing

The next most popular specialization in MBA is marketing. There are ample job opportunities after MBA in marketing. Every organization dealing with manufacturing or service requires a good marketing strategy to make people aware of their product or service. This task can be accomplished easily by an expert in marketing.

Jobs after MBA in Marketing

Some of the job opportunities after an MBA in marketing are:

  1. Sales manager
  2. Brand Manager
  3. Marketing Manager
  4. Research Analyst
  5. Advertising Manager
  6. Social media manager
  7. Digital Marketer
  8. Product Manager

If you pursue MBA in Marketing you can easily get into any company which helps in increasing awareness and hence sales for any organization. Some of the top companies hiring MBAs in marketing are Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, Unilever, Google, AMEX, and so on. The average salary for an MBA in marketing varies from 3 – 10 LPA which can be increased to 25-30 LPA with advancement and career growth. The graduates from the top B-schools can also get an annual salary of 18 LPA

Career after MBA: Human Resource

The goal of an MBA in HR Management is to maximize employee performance in order to meet organizational objectives. The best industry practices and knowledge of how to manage human resources in a way that ensures maximum benefits are taught to students. In recent years, MBA in Human Resources has finds gained relevancy as the retention of employees is one of the major challenges every organization is facing.

Jobs after MBA in Human Recourse

  1. Recruiter
  2. Performance Appraisal
  3. Training & Development
  4. Policy Management
  5. Compensation

The average salary of a fresher with an MBA in Human Resources is around 2.5 – 4 LPA which can rise to 10 LPA in the case of the reputed B-School. However, with career advancement, mid-level managers get 15-25 LPA that can rise to 30 LPA while moving towards senior-level management.

Career after MBA: Business Analytics

The MBA in Business Analytics is a specialty area that teaches students how to gather data from various sources and analyze it to gain important insights into customer behavior, market trends, and other business intelligence-related topics. These analytical tools include statistical and quantitative analysis, explanatory and predictive modeling, data visualization, etc.

Jobs after MBA in Business Analytics

  1. Marketing Manager.
  2. Personal Financial Advisor.
  3. Financial Analyst.
  4. Management Analyst.
  5. Business Intelligence Analyst.
  6. Business Analytics Specialist.
  7. Management Consultant.
  8. Operations Analyst.

Some of the top recruiters of MBA in Business Analytics are Boston Consulting Group, Accenture, Capgemini, Wipro, Amazon, Deloitte, Reliance, and so on. A fresher can earn around 5 LPA which can be increased to 10 LPA if you pursue MBA from a top B-school. This package can increase up to 35 LPA with the promotion and career advancement to the mid and senior levels.

Career after MBA: International Business

If you want to move ahead in the international market then the MBA international business can take you into a global environment. International Business MBA deals with all the policies related to international trade, laws, rules, regulations, global business environment, export & import, and so on. This MBA has a good scope in MNCs all around the world.

Jobs after MBA in International Business

Some of the job opportunities after an MBA in IB are as follows:

  1. Global business manager
  2. Logistics manager
  3. Foreign Exchange Trader
  4. Compliance Manager
  5. Export-import Manager
  6. International trade specialist
  7. International HR specialist
  8. Foreign Policy Advisor
  9. International Business advisor

The top recruiting companies hiring MBAs in International Business are IBM, TCS, Infosys, JP Morgan, HCL, Amazon, Accenture, and so on. For fresher the average salary varies between 2.7 -3.8 LPA. Whereas foreign exchange can get up to 7.5 LPA. And more advance in your career will fetch you a handsome amount of 25 -30 LPA.

Career after MBA: Operation Management

A company’s operations management and supply chain are comprised of purchase management, inventory management, vendor management, and enterprise resource planning (ERP). Therefore, operations management is concerned with optimizing all aspects of business operations, such as product quality and cost, manufacturing time, increasing productivity, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Some of the sectors where operation management finds its relevance are retail, logistics, hospitality, transport, construction, Information technology, and management consultation. The candidate can apply for the following jobs option after MBA in operations:

  1. Operations Manager
  2. Production Analyst
  3. Production Manager
  4. Industrial Engineer
  5. Time Study Analyst
  6. Inventory Manager
  7. Purchasing Manager
  8. Schedule Coordinator
  9. Supply Chain Manager
  10. Quality Manager

Top recruiting companies hiring MBAs in operation are Damco, Blue Dart, First Flight, GAIL, ONGC, Bosch, NHPC, Dmart, and so on. The average salary after completing the course from a reputed B-school is 6 – 10 LPA whereas from other institutes it is 5 – 7 LPA. But with the promotion to mid-levels and senior levels, the compensation rises to 25 -40 LPA.

Career after MBA: Information Technology

An MBA in IT is one of the most trending courses today. It has a wider scope too. Such a program combines business models and techniques with technical components. The course includes information security, Data Analytics, IT project management, AI, ML, and so on. Since the world is moving towards digitalization the MBA in It will be in higher demand in the future.

Integration of technology with business ethics is one of the strong things an MBA in It has. Some of the career prospects after an MBA in IT are:

  1. Project manager,
  2. Corporate strategist
  3. System Manager
  4. Digital Leader
  5. Data Processing Manager
  6. Systems Software Manager,

Tech giants such as IBM, TCS, Wipro, HCL, Accenture, Infosys, Deloitte, and Tech Mahindra are the few top recruiters who are looking for MBA in IT. The average salary of an IT manager is 10 LPA whereas at entry level you can fetch 2- 6 LPA. The salary can rise to 20 LPA with promotion and career advancement.

MBA in Health care Management

MBA in health care deals with handling the management of hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and other health care systems. It is also a booming sector as most of the hospitals are recruiting professionals to manage their administration. However, the MBA in health care course is accepted worldwide.

The MBA in health care can pay you with handsome packages and can take you globally. Here, students learn about ethics, decision-making, policies, critical day-to-day operations, and administrative tasks. Some of the more general job opportunities for MBA healthcare management graduates include IT support for healthcare, the Industry of health insurance, the Industry of pharmaceuticals, Medical supplies, and administration of a hospital.

Job opportunity after MBA in Health care Management

  1. Hospital CEO
  2. Hospital Administrator
  3. Product manager for medical device companies
  4. Healthcare Associate
  5. Hospital Operations Manager
  6. Health Insurance Manager 

The top recruiting companies in India hiring MBAs in Health care are WHO, Practo, Cipla, Ranbaxy, Apollo, Seimens, Fortis, Dabur, Star Health, and so on. The average salary of an MBA in health care varies from 4 -10 LPA as a fresher that can rise to 15 LPA with career advancement.

MBA in Enterprenuership

New ventures and start-ups are very common nowadays. If you are also among such people who want to invest in a new venture or do your own business. Then, pursuing MBA in entrepreneurship will help you get the knowledge of how to do business, policies, rules, regulations, and requirements of a new business setup.

While acquiring fundamental skills in accounting, marketing, and licensing, students also learn good business ethics, networking techniques, and leadership qualities. Some of the career options after an MBA in Entrepreneurship are:

  1. Small Business Owner
  2. Corporate Supervisor
  3. Sales Manager
  4. Fundraiser and Development Officer
  5. Business Consultant

The top recruiters who are looking for MBA in entrepreneurship are IBM, Deloitte, General Electric, Prince water house, AT Kearney, Accenture, and so on. The average salary for MBA in entrepreneurship varies from 2 LPA to 5 LPA for fresher, which can rise up to 30 LPA for the mid-level or senior level in an organization.

Career after MBA: Retail Management

An MBA with a specialization in retail management provides a broad range of in-depth knowledge about the retail industry. The primary goal of this course is to provide the students with the managerial abilities needed in the retail sector. This may also encourage you to look into a wider range of retail-related job opportunities.

Many prestigious business schools in India offer the course, typically as a post-graduate diploma course. The MBA in retail can work in the front as well as the back end of the organization. The top career opportunities after MBA in retail management are:

  1. Sales Manager
  2. Product Executive
  3. Retail Store Manager
  4. Brand Manager
  5. Marketing Executive

Top companies hiring MBAs in retail management are Amazon, Croma, ITC Hotels, Reliance Jio, eBay, Raymonds, Taj Group, Flipkart, Panasonic, and so on. The average salary for an MBA in Retail varies from 7 -9 LPA for fresher and can rise up to 35 LPA with career advancement.

Placement after MBA

MBA courses are defined by placement. Even colleges are sorted out for the best placement among all. In India, IIM colleges are best known for offering a handsome salary to students. That is why most MBA aspirants opt for the IIM when it comes to the choice. Here, we are providing you with a list of the top placement colleges and the salary offered.

Name of Institute Highest Salary Offered
(in 2022)
IIM Ahemdabad75
IIM Indore63
IIM Lucknow61
IIM Calcutta54
IIM Kozhikode61
IIM Ranchi67
XLRI Jamshedpur61
IIM Bangalore60
IIM Raipur58
IIM Udaipur35
NMIMS, Mumbai57
Amity Noida23
SP Jain Mumbai53
IIT Delhi36

MBA is a growing field where you can get a lot of career options and opportunities after the course. MBA helps in improving technical and soft skills such that the person can handle various situations easily. If you are planning to an MBA our blog will surely help you select the best course.

College compare is a place where you get all the eleven t information about management education. If you are looking for an MBA course this is the right place for you. We are sure our blogs will help you out in choosing the best career options for your bright future.

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