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Online Vs. Offline MBA Which is Better?

Online Vs. Offline MBA: with the advancement in learning and mode of study, online courses are gaining importance in recent years. But the conflicting situation is there which one is better? The online courses are offered with less fees and time flexibility as compared to the offline course. But students prefer offline courses compared to online courses.

As for working professionals or executives, the online MBA comes as a perk for completing higher studies and advancement in career but an offline MBA has its own league which cannot be ignored.

Let us see what are these courses and how they are different from each other, so that, we can find which is better to pursue. But before leaping we should understand the benefits of pursuing an MBA course

Benefits of MBA

Be it online or offline MBA courses, it has many benefits. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Salary Increment: the MBA degree gives you better career opportunities. It is assumed that after pursuing MBA there is an increase of 30% in salary. Apart from this, if you have an experience of 3 to 5 years before pursuing an MBA you can have an increase of 40-50% in your salary.
  2. Broaden up your professional network: During the MBA course, you come across professionals in different areas. This widens your network area and helps you in getting better opportunities in the future.
  3. Career Opportunities: After MBA a wide range of job opportunities are available for the candidate in the mid-level and senior level of management as per the experience. Thus, MBA opens up the door to different job levels in the industry.
  4. Effective Communication: An MBA has a good command of communication skills. They have qualities of leadership and problem-solving towards business problems.
  5. Entrepreneurship: An MBA aspirant is eligible to establish his/her own business setup. As an MBA you are familiar with all the knowledge related to the setting up of an enterprise or a business.

What is an online MBA?

An online MBA program is a virtual learning program where the classes are held in Online Mode. These programs are distinct from distance learning as the classes are interactive sessions and the students can clear their doubts in the class itself. Some of the key features of an online MBA program are:

  1. The students can learn from the comfort of their homes without going to physical classes.
  2. The classes are conducted at the regular time period and the students are required to attend them.
  3. For admission, to the online MBA program, the students are required to participate in exams, group discussions, and personal interview processes.
  4. Most institutes or universities offering online MBAs have LMS (Learning Management System) that facilities learning anytime, anywhere.
  5. The students can learn while earning as they can do work as well as study at the same time.
  6. Innovative and attractive techniques for learning are a part of online learning. This practice makes learning effective and efficient.

What is an offline MBA?

Offline MBA or regular MBA is a two-year postgraduate degree program where the students are required to attend regular physical classes. It is a full-time degree course. The students attend classes, seminars, assignments, class tests, and projects. Some of the key features of an offline MBA are:

  1. Regular classroom study is the main part of the learning process.
  2. There is a direct interaction between the student and faculty so the doubts are easily cleared and in a better way as compared to the other process of learning.
  3. There is full participation in the studies and different side activities which results in the full transformation during the MBA studies.
  4. The candidates undergo the internship during the regular MBA program which helps in the real-time experience of the business world.
  5. During the regular MBA program guest lectures by different industry experts helps in the in-depth understanding of the topics and its implication in the business world.

Online VS. Offline MBA

ParametersOffline/ Regular
Online MBA
Regular Classes are conducted. The students
are required to attend classes as per the
timetable and follow the schedule.
Classes, assignments, project
work and exams all are done
PedagogyFace-to-face interaction for fixed time and schedule.Virtual classes, Flexible timings, and
ease to access the LMS and submit
assignments anywhere, anytime.
DurationTwo-year duration. No flexibility is given
for the completion of the course.
The minimum duration is two years. However, the
students can complete the course in 4 years.
FeesFor govt. colleges: 3 to 5 Lakh
For private colleges: 10 to 15 lakh.
The fee ranges from 3 to 4 Lakh.
Admission is based on the entrance test
(CAT, MAT, XAT, or AMBA), followed by
Group discussion and Personal Interview.
There are a fixed number of seats.
Sometimes the colleges offer direct admission or
based on the entrance exam. Though the admission time
is fixed students can also get lateral entry.
ExposureRegular industrial visits, along with guest lecturers, and field
visit makes.
Industrial exposure with interactive sessions
with experts, discussion forums and
webinars for important topics.
Online as well as offline
applications are invited.
Online applications can be submitted
by visiting the official website.
PlacementThe placement process is conducted at the end
of the program. A separate placement and
training cell is recruited to assist with the placement.
Some institutes offer placement opportunities
by organizing virtual placement drives.
The faculty and guest lectures have
continuous interaction with the students
hence forming the strong network
The network is built up by the peer in the discussion forum
however, some experienced students working in the
different organizations help in building a strong network.

Top colleges in India offering Offline MBA Programs

The best colleges for pursuing MBA in India are IIMs. IIMs are spread across the country and offer international standard MBA programs. However, admission to the IIMs is not so easy as the students are required to crack the CAT Exam. The list of the top MBA colleges offering offline MBA along with the Fee details are:

Name of InstitueFee
IIM Ahmedabad₹ 23 lakhs
IIM Calcutta₹ 23 lakhs
IIM Bangalore₹ 23 lakhs
IIM Kozhikode₹ 19 Lakh
IIM Lucknow₹ 19 Lakh
IIM Udaipur₹ 17 lakh
IIM Raipur₹ 14 Lakh
IIM Rohtak₹ 15 Lakh
IIM Ranchi₹ 15 Lakh
IIM Trichy₹ 12 Lakh
IIM Indore₹ 17 Lakh
IIM Nagpur₹ 14 Lakh

Apart from IIM some of the top MBA colleges in India offering Offline programs are FMS Delhi, XLRI Jamshedpur, IIFT Delhi, Symbiosis Institue of Business Studies Pune, ISB Hyderabad, IMT Ghaziabad, SPJIMR Mumbai, and so on.

When and who can look for an online MBA Program

Online MBAs are good for working professionals who would like to get advancement in their careers and take over roles in the mid and senior level of management. However, if you do not get admission to the top MBA colleges offering regular MBA programs or there are some financial constraints then the online MBA is the best option for you. The online MBA program is good for professionals as they are not supposed to leave or take a break from their current job in order to complete higher studies.

When and who can look for offline or regular MBA program

There is no second thought that the regular MBA program is the best but you should go for the offline MBA program only if you get admission to the top b-schools in India. The logic behind this is that the regular MBA course is costly and pursuing MBA from the top b-schools will give you a good ROI and career advancement in the future. If you do not have the obligation of leaving the job or want to invest a good amount in the MBA then you should definitely go for the Offline MBA or else you can opt for the other modes.


Both Online and Offline MBAs have their pros and cons but the choice totally depends on you. Both degrees have the same level but they can add different value to your resume. So, it’s clear that if you get admission to the top B-school it is worth pursuing the regular MBA or else going for the online course.

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