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Top 5  Distance MBA in Supply Chain

An MBA in Supply Chain Management is one of the best courses to take if you want to learn more about the logistics and back-end operations of a business unit. If you are working in a supply or any manufacturing company then the distance MBA in supply chain and logistics will help you to boost your carer and make work easy.

MBA Logistics and supply chain management teaches students the analytical skills and management strategies required for the transportation of goods and services through proper inventory management, customer service, warehouse management, and storage.

Top 5 Institutes of Distance MBA in Supply

  1. NMIMS Online
  2. Welingkar School of Management
  3. Bharathiar University
  4. MIT SDE
  5. SCDL, Pune

NMIMS Online

NMIMS Global Access School for Continuing Education (NGASCE) is an online and distance education institute by the premier NMIMS Mumbai. The requirement for quality professional education without leaving the workspace led to the rise of open and distance learning in NMIMS. The MBA in supply chain illustrates the value of procurement, lean and warehouse management, logistics, and inventory management in creating an efficient supply chain.

Key Highlights:

  1. Virtual Classroom: the virtual classrooms are provided for live lectures and post queries. This led to the learning of the concepts and principles through two-way interactive lectures.
  2. Case study-based learning: the learning of the MBA is mostly based on real-time cases. It helps in building a strong base for the handling of the real-time situation in supply and chain management.
  3. Online study materials: E-books, recorded lectures, study material, discussion forums, digital libraries, and desktop & mobile apps are some of the key features of the online learning platform.
  4. Exams and assignments: Assignments are taken periodically to enhance analytical and cognitive skills. However, the exams are scheduled as per the learner so that he/she can give them properly.

Admission Process

The admission process starts with registration at the official website of NMIMS: https://online.nmims.edu/admission-process-mba-programs/. After registration, the students are required to pay the admission form fees. Next, upload the documents required and the university will let you know about the admission confirmation after receiving all the details.


The total fee for the program is ₹ 1,68,000/-.

Welingkar School of Management

We School offers PGDM in the supply chain in a hybrid mode of learning. It is a blend of full-time and online learning models. We School has campuses in Mumbai and Bengaluru. The institute has been awarded the award of “Top Distance Learning Institute of India” in the west zone by competition success review.

Key Highlights:

  1. Virtual classrooms: The We School offers virtual classes for learning the course online and through distance learning mode. The live lectures are telecast from the classroom via the internet to simulate a virtual class and make learning more effective.
  2. Personal Contact Program: The B-school also has PCP for the distance learner to get a better understanding of the course through the personal learning program.
  3. We Tube: We tube is a personal online platform for the distance learner to get interactive learning videos of the course. Students of We School can easily access the course and learn them at their own pace.
  4. Experimental Learning: the students are required to attend the two days workshop in any industry to get a real-time experience of learning.

Admission process

The online application form can be filled up after visiting the official website with the documents required for admission to the course. The details for the application can be get from https://www.welingkaronline.org/.


The fee for the hybrid mode PGDM in supply management is ₹ 1,01,000/-.

Bharathiar University: School of Distance Education

The Bharathiar University is a State University established by govt. of Tamil Nadu. The school of distance learning at the university is known for its quality education and innovation in the field of distance mode of learning. The School currently has 47 Learner Support Centres spread across Tamil Nadu, with the number steadily increasing as more people express interest in the establishment of Learner Support Centres.

key highlights:

  1. Study Material: The course materials are prepared in the Distance Education Bureau’s (DEB) recommended format in SIM format. It is given to the students in addition to compact discs for hassle-free use at any time and anywhere without having to carry heavy textbooks.
  2. Excellent Student Service: The Student Support Services web portal (http://sde.b-u.ac.in) offers excellent online services.
  3. Personal Contact Classes: the university also offers PCP for on-campus as well as learner support centers. The PCP is important as it helps in direct interaction with the teachers and learning some important key points related to the course.
  4. Examination: the exams are twice a year after each semester. The university sends all the details regarding the exams such as fees, schedule, and centers through the post.

Admission Process

The application can be filled out online by visiting http://sde.b-u.ac.in or downloaded offline and sent by post after filling. The fee for the application is ₹ 150/-. There is no entrance exam. However, the students get provisional admission if they are eligible for the course. Once the documents are verified the admission will get confirmed.


The total fee for the program is ₹ 23,000/-.


MITSDE was established on a culture of collaboration, ambition, innovative thinking, and a desire to affect change in higher education. Its supply chain management course introduces students to lean supply chain, transportation management, warehousing, demand management, strategic sourcing, constraint management, performance-based logistics, and other topics.

Key Highlights:

  1. Online Cloud-Based Portal: enables convenient access from anywhere to make an online study on laptops, smartphones, iPads, and other portable devices possible. The digital study material can be easily accessed with the help of LMS.
  2. Video Lectures and learning Sessions: the video lectures are easily deliverable by experienced tutors using PowerPoint slides. Apart from this. highly interactive webinars on weekly basis and 24 hrs chat sessions are there to support students.
  3. Study Planner: Personalized study scheduler to help you determine the best study course from the time you begin until the following eligible exam session.
  4. Grade book: All the progress about the course is present in the grade book which helps in accessing the performance of the students and what type of study they need.

Admission Process

The students can fill out the application form online and upload all required documents, or you can download the application form, fill it out, and email the scanned application form along with all required scanned documents to admissions@mitsde.com.


The total fee for the program is ₹ 60,000/-.

SCDL, Pune

Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning (SCDL), Pune is a pioneering management institute in India. It is among the few large and most sought-after institutes for the PGDM program. SCDL gets the best of academic resources for teaching, evaluation, e-Learning, and self-learning material for management.

Key Highlights:

  1. Blended mode of learning: All three forms of study: Published / Printed – Self-Learning Material / Books, Digital e-learning, and Faculty Interaction – Chat Sessions and Online Classroom Facility.
  2. Virtual Classroom facility: It helps in removing the barriers faced in the distance mode of learning. Live classes are aligned with peer interaction and replay of the lectures.
  3. Web portal: www.scdl.net, a powerful web portal that facilitates Computer-based Assignment Submission, computer-based examinations Booking, Message Board, Counseling, ability to view Admission Status and Academic Status, etc.
  4. Awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification for imparting quality education to distance learners.

Admission process:

Purchase the online application for ₹ 1200 and complete the registration process. Upload all the related documents and once verified the institute will confirm the admission and inform you.


The fee for the course is ₹ 50,000/-.

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