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Why the Executive MBA is gaining popularity again?

In this competitive world where everybody is running behind in their career, everyone needs a good professional degree to grab such career opportunities and create a sound and safe career ahead. More technology has led to a surge in the demand for business and technical knowledge personnel. That is why executive MBA is gaining popularity over the years.

Executive MBA or EMBA is a professional business degree that can be earned by the working professional without compromising their work. Such programs are either online or in hybrid mode or part-time. As per the survey by the Graduate Management Council for admission (GMCA) around 19% of the students are opting for the EMBA program as compared to the regular MBA. On top of that, around 14% of the students opting for MBA programs choose India as it has become the second favorite destination for completing a higher education degree.

There are several reasons why the executive MBA is gaining popularity. Here we will discuss some of the prime reasons for them. Also, Explore executive MBA with college compare.

Unskilled workforce

The first and foremost reason for pursuing an MBA degree is that majority of our country’s workforce is not equipped with a professional degree such as MBA. As we are the world’s second most populous country and youths are the main constituents. The number of colleges available is not sufficient to accommodate all the students. In such cases, students move toward their careers leaving their reduction behind.

But, as the world is advancing these students further need a professional degree that can help them in getting career boosts and secure their position in the company. Apart from this, the employer also puts pressure on such employees and facilitates them to complete their professional degrees.

All this situation has given birth to the EMBA or professional MBA program designed especially for such professionals. Here they can learn without compensation from their current job. So, learning while earning is EMBA. That is why the Executive MBA is gaining popularity.

Skill Development

MBA is a diverse course that helps in the development of many skills and keeps the person updated about business knowledge. The EMBA course lets the learner get information about management. These skills include leadership, decision-making, Strategy making, the decision on top management, and project evaluation. Such decisions can be utilized for personal growth as well as professional growth.

The development of a skill set increases employability and makes the user capable of taking higher responsibility with good confidence. Live case studies and project work during the EMBA course help in getting an overview of the real-time situation in the organization.

Easy Learning Option Available

EMBA program is easy to do as you have a lot of options available for pursuing the course. you can pursue classes online or on weekends or after office hours. This makes the program more flexible and easily approachable. However, EMBA program teachers are experts from the industry who teaches as per the latest trend.

Apart from this most EMBA do not have any entrance exam. You can easily approach the university and apply for the course if your eligibility matches the course requirement. Thus, pursuing an EMBA program is flexible and one does not need to change schedule.

Curriculum and Eligibility

As w have discussed earlier also most of the EMBA institutes do not require an entrance exam, but some of them conduct their own test to check the minimum knowledge about the course and the candidate’s IQ test. However, the course of the EMBA program is as per the latest industry trend such as business Analytics, Digital Marketing, or data science. The programs also include live projects for hands-on learning.

Some institute such as IIM Jammu also focuses on learning in rural and tribal India to get an overview of the real-time situation of the country. SP Jain offers an executive MBA which focuses on the student’s career development plan and soft-skills development. Apart from this, institute such as XIM offers multi-disciplinary specialization during the course completion.

Relevancy in Future

The majority of EMBA students are in the mid-level of an organization. They simply want to advance or improve their grades in order to advance or study further by pursuing a Ph.D. or becoming an entrepreneur. If we look back a decade, the EMBA program was not well-known, but it is now flourishing and will continue to serve management education for many years.

Strong network formation

Each and every student in the EMBA program is from a different industrial background. Learning and sharing together for the common goal with class discussion play a crucial role in the formation of bonds among them. So, while pursuing the EMBA program a network of professionals is formed. This type of network helps in career growth and advancement in the future.

Increased Earning

Investing in an EMBA program leads to better career opportunities with handsome packages for the candidates. As per the survey of the higher studies, 73% of the EMBA candidates believe that their investment is recovered within a year of the course as they get better career opportunities.

Though the EMBA does not provide good placement from college they have a strong Alumni network that can help the candidates get good jobs with fat packages across the world. After completing the program the knowledge gained can be easily used to earn more as compared to before. Thus, an EMBA degree leads to high earning potential in addition to a secure job.

EMBA is a beneficial program for all executive-level managers. Such a program will lead them toward the ladder of career growth and let the candidate touch new heights in their career life. If you are interested in pursuing an EMBA program just focus on career advancement and learn new skills. It will help you to reach the sky in your career.

College compare lets you know all about the management. If you are an aspirant looking for a management course this is the right place for your career advancement. Just stay tuned we will update you on all the latest news in management courses.

Wishing all the best for your bright future!

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