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EMBA vs. Online MBA Which is a better career investment

EMBA vs. Online MBA: Which is a better career investment?

Working professionals who want to do higher studies are always confused with the EMBA and Online MBA programs. Both programs offer equivalent management degree but there are some differences between these degrees. It is always confusing which MBA to choose and which is a better career option.

In this blog, we will discuss the key difference between the EMBA and Online MBA so that the students can decide which is a better investment option.

Key Difference between the EMBA and Online MBA

Admission Requirements:

Online and EMBA programs have different admissions requirements and cater to different types of students. Professionals must have the necessary work and managerial experience required for admission because EMBA programs are designed for executives.

Typically EMBA programs require 8 to 10 years of work experience whereas the online MBA requires a minimum of three to five years of work experience.

Additionally, these two categories of programs typically have different testing requirements. Because applicants have already shown they have the skills and background necessary to succeed in an MBA program. Many EMBA programs do not require GMAT or GRE test scores. Applicants to executive MBA programs may be required to take the Executive Assessment, a test created by the Graduate Management Admission Council to assess readiness rather than aptitude.

For an online MBA the GRE or GMAT score can be submitted. This score remains valid for 5 years. Some business schools offer test waivers to candidates who meet certain requirements, like professional experience or academic accomplishments.


Both online and EMBA programs provide flexibility but the limit varies. Though courses are tailored for the working professionals who want to continue their education without leaving the job. But the online MBA provides more flexibility as compared to the EMBA program.

During the EMBA program learners have to visit the institute or the college for the evening classes or the weekend classes. Whereas in online classes, the learner can learn from their home itself. The EMBA program can also be provided in online mode in some of the institutes.

Thus, we can say that the online MBA is more flexible than the EMBA program. Thus, while choosing an MBA program one must look at how much time he/she can give to studies while working.

Cost of the Program

Executive MBA program typically has higher costs compared to online programs. They do, however, frequently have a high return on investment. Most EMBA students begin the program in managerial positions with the goal of rising to the highest-paying positions within their organization.

If we look for the typical EMBA program in India it will cost you between 12 to 15 lakhs for the reputed B-school. Whereas the online MBA cost you between 50,000 to 4 lakhs. Thus, the difference between the fee for the online and EMBA programs is threefold. But if we look out for the ROI for both types of programs the EMBA tends to give you 30% more than the online MBA.

Thus, we can state, that the EMBA program, is much more expensive than the online program. If you are looking for the such program you can also gain information about the various scholarship offered by your organization. Some organization even encourages their employee to higher education and let them gain new technicalities.

Personal learning

The last but not the least difference between these two courses is the pace of personal learning. We are all aware that online learning has advanced in the last two years. It provides us with a dynamic virtual learning platform that can help you gain knowledge far apart. The technological usage during the program has made it a better learning option. Whereas if we look out the EMBA program, it usually used a traditional mode of learning and has been imparting education for a longer period of time.

So, it all depends on the candidate which mode of learning he/she finds suitable. Match the program to your preferences in order to make the knowledge and experience of an MBA as accessible as possible.

An MBA, whether online or executive, will open doors to a variety of opportunities in your professional life. It will also help to improve the standard of your personal life. So, when deciding between an online MBA and an Executive MBA, you should consider every aspect of an MBA program and pursue the best option based on your suitability and convenience.

Top colleges offering EMBA Programs

Here is the list of the top 10 colleges in India offering EMBA programs for working professionals

Institute NameProgram NameExamFees
(in lakhs)
ISB, HyderabadPGP Pro
(18 months
weekend classes)
IIM, AhmedabadMBA-PGPX
(1 year full-time)
IIM, BangaloreEPGP
(1 year full-time)
(2 years weekend)
PGP-WE Entrance Exam
XLRI, JamshedpurPGDM (GM)
(15 months full-time)
GMAT/ XAT23.15
Faculty of Management Studies
(FMS), Delhi
MBA Executive
(2 years of evening classes)
General Ability Test2.00
Management Development Institute
(MDI), Gurgaon
(3 years part-time)
GMAT/ CAT/ MDI test28.16
Institute of Management Technology
(IMT), Ghaziabad
PGDM Executive
(15 months full-time)
NMIMS School of Business ManagementEMBA
(15 or 24 months part-time)
Written Test
Indian Institute of Management (IIM), TiruchirappalliPGPBM
(2 years weekend)
Written Test

Top 10 online MBA colleges in India

Underneath, you can find the list of top online MBA colleges in India

Institute NameSpecializationsFees
(in lakhs)
Amity University1. Retail Management.
2. Production and Operations Management.
3. Petroleum and Natural Gas Management.
4. Marketing & Sales Management.
5. International Business Management.
6. Insurance Management.
7. Information Technology Management.
8. Entrepreneurship and Leadership Management.
9. Human Resource Management.
10. Finance and Accounting Management.
Jain University Online1. Systems and Operations Management.
2. Strategy and Leadership.
3. Business Intelligence and AI.
4. Finance and Marketing.
5. Digital Marketing and E-commerce.
6. Data Science and Analytics.
7. Information Technology Management.
8. Marketing.
9. Healthcare Management.
10. Human Resource Management.
Symbiosis Pune1. Finance.
2. Marketing.
3. Human Resources.
4. Health Care Management.
ICFAI University Online1. Marketing.
2. Finance.
3. Human Resources.
4. IT and Operations.
DY Patil University Online1. Marketing.
2. Finance.
3. Human Resources.
4. information technology.
5. Hospital Management.
6. operation Management.
7. Project Management.
8. Digital Marketing.
9. Logistics.
10. Block Chain Management.
Manipal University Online1. Finance.
2. Human resources.
3. Marketing.
4. Retail Management.
5. Data Science and Analytics.
6. IT and Fintech.
7. Banking and financial services.
8. Operation management.
Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)1. Marketing Management.
2. Finance Management.
3. Service Management.
4. Operation Management.
5. Human Resource Management.
NMIMS University Online1. IT & System
2. Retail management
3. Marketing
4. Supply chain
5. Operation Management
6. Business Management
7. Banking Management
Chandigarh University, Chandigarh1. Marketing
2. International Business
3. Human Resource
4. Entrepreneurship
Lovely Professional University (LPU) Online1. Finance
2. Marketing
3. Human Resource
4. Data Science

Whether you choose online MBA or EMBA make sure you look for the following prospects before taking admission

  1. College or institute ranking
  2. Accreditation and affiliation
  3. Placement offered
  4. Alumni status
  5. Fee for the course
  6. Prospects of the course
  7. Degree provided
  8. Curriculum
  9. Faculty expertise

College compare helps you in getting relevant information about the different courses for higher studies across the country. If you are a management student or looking out to move your career in management, this is the right place for your searching.

We wish you all the best for your future!

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