Madras University Distance Education

Madras University Distance Education

Madras University is a leading distance education university in South India, renowned for its excellent Online MBA program. The University was established in 1840 by the Madras University Board. In 1854, it established a systematic policy for education.

Highlights Of The Madras University Distance Education

Madras University Distance Education is highly appreciated for its competent faculty and world-class education. It offers courses in both distance learning and open university formats. It has also founded an Institute of Distance Education to provide various undergraduate courses, post-graduate programs, and diplomas, among other courses.

It has been a great institution helping students accomplish their educational and career goals since 1981. The Madras University Distance Education program has grown in popularity to enable students to get the best learning opportunities by studying online.

Although hundreds of MBA colleges in India provide distance learning opportunities for interested students, only a few are worthwhile investments of your time and energy. This blog by College Compare will assist you in deciding on the best online MBA college in India.

What Is A Distance MBA?

The distance MBA program is a flexible and economic government-approved MBA program that does not require you to attend daily classes. If you cannot pursue a full-time course due to lack of time or unaffordable costs, online MBA education is an excellent alternative. India’s top colleges offer an offline correspondence MBA, an online MBA, or a combination of the two.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) oversees the overall functioning of distance education programs, including distance MBA, to improve the quality and operations of various courses.

Benefits Of The Course

Distance learning institutes are best known for making education accessible to individuals who cannot attend regular schooling due to financial or time constraints. The advent of online education has emerged as an effective alternative to traditional classroom education, and it has since grown to encompass a large section of the population.

Upon your enrollment in the open MBA courses, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Cost-saving Option

The affordable cost of the online course for the MBA program is one of its most appealing features. In contrast, a traditional MBA might cost anywhere from INR 5 lakhs to INR 15 lakhs. An excellent distance MBA program costs between INR 75,000 and INR 1.5 lakhs. Typically, a distance course costs less than a full-time or traditional MBA course. However, the course fee and curriculum may vary from program to program.

● Effective Time Management

Compared to a conventional MBA, an online MBA program allows you more flexibility in terms of time and speed. It is highly suitable for people who cannot pursue a full-time MBA due to insufficient time, financial distress, and professional commitments.

● Direct Access To The Power Of Education Technology

The distance MBA program has benefited greatly from communication and education technology advancements. Even prestigious universities and business schools like NMIMS and Harvard Business School employ educational technology worldwide.

MOOCs and platforms like Coursera, Edex, and Udacity have also helped de-stigmatize distance education.

● Curriculum That Is Relevant To The Industry

Best colleges such as NMIMS University, MIT School of Distance Education, and IMT CDL are conscious of the changing business environment and provide students with an up-to-date and industry-relevant curriculum.

● Recognized By The Regulatory Bodies

The UGC’s Distance Education Bureau has authorized online MBA programs offered by well-recognized MBA institutions. You can check the status of any open learning program’s approval on the Distance Education Bureau (DEB) website.

Eligibility Criteria For The Open MBA Course

The eligibility for such MBA programs varies depending on the institute and the program’s duration. However, the following are the most typical eligibility criteria for a two-year distance MBA course.

  • A bachelor’s degree or graduation from a reputed university.
  • A valid score on any MBA entrance exam, such as the State Level MBA/ MMS-CET/ MAT/ CMAT/ CAT/ ATMA/ XAT/ ATMA/ XAT, or a similar management entrance exam.
  • Some universities will perform their entrance exam if you don’t have any other test scores.
  • Although work experience can be a plus point, it is not mandatory.

Documents Required For Online MBA Admission

Students must submit an application form and the required original documentation to be considered for admission to the online MBA program. Additionally, the application form should be neatly attached to it.

  • Provisional Pass Certificate or Diploma Certificate
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Statement of Marks
  • Two complete sets of authenticated copies of the preceding are required.
  • There should be one photograph on the application form, the address slip, and the flip side of the code sheet.
  • A copy of the syllabus should be duly attested.

The Typical Fee Structure In India

One of the critical factors to consider when choosing a distance learning course or institute for your MBA program is the distance MBA fee. The fees may considerably vary, depending on the college’s brand name and the length of the program.

For maximum colleges in India, the fees for the distance learning MBA range from INR 50,000 to INR 1.5 lakhs. Government universities, such as Anna University, charge a lower fee for distance courses for an MBA, whereas private colleges, such as NMIMS or Symbiosis, charge a higher fee.

As you must have noted, the cost of a distance MBA program is significantly less than that of a full-time MBA program. Theional MBA costs between INR 5 lakhs to INR 15 lakhs, a distance learning program MBA costs roughly INR 1 lakh.

Before choosing a college, however, we strongly recommend you look over their websites to see what fees they charge, who their faculty is, and what programs they provide.

But doing rigorous and qualitative research by yourself can be more daunting than it sounds. It will demand a significant amount of time and effort. But, do not worry because College Compare, your go-to resort for the best college-oriented insights, is here to assist you in making an informed decision about your dream MBA program.

Visit our website, share some basic information, and we will help you identify the most suitable learning opportunities.

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